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the Yaesu FT-101 150 watt ham radio, the Cobra 29
LTD Classic.  The
Cobra 29 LTD Classic continues to
be a leading seller in the AM only line, whereas the
Cobra 148 GTL and Cobra Nightwatch are some of
the leading sellers in both AM and SSB series.  
Currently, not many other SSB CB units are made
today other than the Cobra 148 GTL.  You, typically
would have to upgrade to a 10 meter radio to get the
advanced features.  As far as base stations, Galaxy is
the leading seller in sales for both CB and 10 meter
base radios, but you pay for what you get, so to speak.

CB Radios are not just fun and a way to meet new
people.  They are also the human radar detector, and
really take the boredom out of long drives on the
Interstate and highways.  Truckers will often warn you
a few miles in advance where all the "smokey bears"
(code word for cops) are where to watch out for them.  
They'll also warn you of any traffic delays cause by
accidents for example.  CB Radios are a great two
way communicator, and are one of the few radio
communications that doesn't require a FCC license to

Cobra CB Radios are still most popular with truckers,
however Galaxy, Texas Ranger Radios, Midland, and
Uniden mobile radios are also very popular.  For
someone that is on the road a lot, in most case an
external speaker is also recommended, to make
communications more audible in noisy road
There is a difference between Wholesale CB
Shops and retail CB Shops.  The Internet allows
you to get wholesale prices on CB Radios,
versus over priced truck stops and retail CB
dealers.  For the most part, online CB Radio
Shops are very competitive with their pricing,
whereas retail stores and non-online based
stores are not.  If you compare prices with most
CB stores on the web, with a local store or shop,
you'll most likely be shocked by how much you
can save by buying CB Radios and equipment

For example, you'll often see Cobra CB Radios,
Uniden CB Radios, Connex radios, and Galaxy
radios typically as much as $50.00 to $150.00
more expensive, if say bought at a truck stop,
versus buying on the internet.  Also, this doesn't
include the money you save in sales tax by
buying online!  This is why, CB Radios today are
by far purchased most often on the net, then by
local CB Shops, Truck Stops, and/or Retail

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