10 Meter Radios
Hop-up your radio
with Peanuts!
The Mightly talking Galaxy's:
Galaxy DX-44 10 meter mobile
Galaxy DX-33 10 meter mobile
Galaxy DX44 10 Meter Radio
Galaxy DX 33 10 meter radio
Galaxy DX-66 10 meter mobile
Galaxy DX-88 10 meter mobile
Galaxy DX66 10 Meter Radios
Galaxy DX 88 10 Meter Radios
Galaxy DX 2517 10 meter Base
Ranger RCI-2985DX 10/12 meter base
Galaxy DX 2517
Below are some Bad-To-The-Bone Magnum Radios from RF Limited:
Magnum Maverick A24 10 Meter Mobile
Magnum S45 Omega Force 10 meter Mobile
Magnum Maverick A24
Magnum S45
Magnum S9 10 meter Mobile
Magnum S-6 with modulator 10 meter Mobile
Magnum S9 Radio
Magnum S6 10 Meter Radio
10 Meter Radios
RCI-3900 HP 25 watt High Performance AM-FM-SSB-CW mobile
RCI-2950 DX 25 Watt Mobile (10/12 meter) AM/FM,CB/SSB
RCI 2995 DX 150 watt Base Station (10/12 meter) Version with AM/FM,CB/SSB
RCI-2970 N2 150 Watt Mobile (10/12 meter) Version with AM/FM,CB/SSB
RCI-63FFC1 100 Watt AM/FM/CW Version
RCI-69FFC2 200 Watt AM/FM/CW/SSB Version
RCI-63FFC4 400 Watt AM/FM/CW/ Version

*Please note, the provided literature is for information and entertainment value only for world wide web browsers and
searchers, and we are not advertising, marketing, and do not sale these radios or amplifiers within the US in the past, present,
and/or will in the future.  These radios are export cb and/or 10 meter radios only.
10 Meter Radios are a big step up from CB
Radios.  Note, many 10 meter radios are illegal
to use in the US, even with a ham radio license.  
Use at your own risk.

Export and 10 Meter Radios have significantly
more power than the typical single final CB
Radio.  CB Radios come with a 4 watt output,
whereas a 10 meter and export radios have 40
watts plus!  They also have far more than the
standard 40 channels.  10 Meter Radios often
have 200 channels or more!  They also have not
just AM, but SSB, as well as FM and CW are
typical.  Many come with all the standard
features as a CB Radio, but take it a few steps
further.  Some have a Channel Readout,
whereas most have both a channel LED readout
and a full frequency counter display.
10 Meter Radios Offer More Performance Than CB Radios

Prices and Info On 10 Meter Radios:
10 Meters Radios have higher wattages and some are technically an export cb radio.  Galaxy, Ranger, and
Magnum make some of the top 10 meter radios today.

More Sources For 10 Meter Radios and Export CB Radios:

More Sources For 10 Meter Radios and Export CB Radios:
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