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We are a dealer of a full line of quality Radios such as Texas Ranger, Uniden, Connex, Galaxy, and Cobra
brands at very affordable, wholesale prices.  In addition to our new equipment, we also have old and used
radios available on our Used Demo Page.

Our website only reflects some of the inventory we carry.  Call us, and mention you saw our website, to get
special prices on quality CB Radios.  

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The hobby of CB Radio is still active and one of the most popular of Two-Way Radios, and newer CB
and 10 meter radio  technologies have recently become available.  MURS is also 5 channel VHF
Citizens Band, but has already become overly congested and also used by local businesses.  Other 2
way radio choices are FRS and GMRS, however these licensed free units are generally handhelds with
limited range, power, and antenna restrictions much more so than 11 meter frequencies.  Because of
such, CB Radio continues to be a leader in non-FCC licensed 2-Way Radio Communications.  Also call
us to get special internet prices, and current pricing specials!  CB Radios come standard with 40
channels and 4 watts of power.  10 Meter Radios are more advanced and a step up in power, channels,
and offer more features than traditional CB Radios.  CB Radios are however more affordable, enough
so that almost anyone can get started into the hobby.  It's not uncommon to find CB Radios under

Note: Our product range with our store can change daily, contact us if there is a radio you don't see.


cb raidos is also foreign translation for CB radios.
Uniden, Texas Ranger, and Uniden.  The most
popular and selling radio today is the Cobra 29
CB Radios include brands such as Cobra, LTD.  
Cobra also sells a Cobra 148GTL which offers
both AM and SSB.

Typical CB Radio range is anywhere from 1-30
miles.  As CB Radios are limited to 4 watts of
power, the most limiting factor in range and
coverage is the antenna system and the amount
of noise on the channel of operation, and nearby
terrain restrictions.  For improved performance,
10 Meter Radios often have 10 times the power
and frequencies than a standard CB Radio.  CB
Radios are however very affordable and get the
basic job done.  Units typically come standard
with a power cord and microphone.  
More On CB Radios - Info and Prices:
If you're into CB Radio, joining the CB Radio Club (see link below) is a must!  
Also check out the new CB Radio Club - A new Citizen's Band Community site with a full fledge
Forum, Groups, Radio Reviews Section, Articles/Tips/Mods, Live CB Radio, Free Classifieds &
More!  Most resourceful CB Radio site on the net!  Help us grow the club, all features are free!