Magnum S-9 Radio
Magnum S9 Radio
The Magnum S-9 Radio comes packed with features!  The Magnum S9 is actually considered
a 10 meter radio, not a typical CB Radio, due to its frequency coverage.  The S9 took off in a heart
beat once RF Limited announced its availability.  This is probably one of Magnum's most popular of
their 10 meter and CB export radios today.  Something neat is the Magnum S-9 was also one of the
first mobile radios with the "dual" microphone input connectors, so two cbers can use the radio,
and/or you can switch and compare microphones in an instant!

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Common Features:

  • 45 Watt, AM/FM/USB/LSB/PA 10 Meter Mobile Amateur Transceiver
  • Blue LED Channel and Frequency Counter Displays
  • Large Round Meter with Blue(RX) and Red(TX) Backlight
  • 3 Stage Dimmer - Controls All Front Panel Lighting
  • Double-Barrel™ Microphone Jacks - Another Magnum Exclusive!
  • The S-9 Features TWO 4-Pin Microphone Jacks - In Parallel!
  • One on the Left Side and the other on the Right Side
  • Run Two Different Microphones, or Give a Mic to Your Co-Pilot!
  • Variable Power Output Control - Operates in ALL Modes
  • TURBO™ Digital Echo with Dual Controls
  • AMT - All Mode Talkback with Volume Control on Front Panel
  • TOP GUN™ Modulator - A Magnum Exclusive!
  • Turns the S-9's transmitter section into a modulator
  • With 1 watt carrier - swing to 45 watts!
  • 100% modulation for unbelievable power
  • Modulator On/Off Control on Front Panel
  • TOP GUN™ Compressor - A Magnum Exclusive!
  • Compressor Improves Transmitted Audio
  • Helps Punch Through Crowded Airwaves
  • Front Panel Band Switch
  • High SWR Warning Light with On/Off Control
  • Roger Beep with On/Off Control
  • +10kHz Switch
  • Microphone and RF Gain
  • Noise Blanker / ANL
  • FREE Schematic and Parts Layout Diagrams
  • 1 Year Warranty with Extended Warranties Available

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Magnum S9 Installation Instructions

Note, Export Radios are illegal to use in the USA, therefore all export radio sales are sold outside
the USA only.
Magnum S9
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Magnum S9 Front Shot
Magnum S9 Front number 2
Magnum S9 right side