Citizens Band, FRS, GMRS, and Business Radios
Citizens Band, FRS, GMRS, and Business Radios
We specialize in all Radio Services to include FRS, GMRS, Business Band, and
Citizens Band Two Way Radios.

Two way radios includes all these classes of wireless commuincations.  The major
difference between CB and FRS, GMRS, and Business Band Two Way Radios is the
frequency allocation by the FCC.  CB Radios is 11 meters (or 27 mhz) which is a
high frequency band, where most of the other two way radios mentioned, are either
VHF or UHF bands.  Really only the Business Bank may require a FCC license to
operate specified frequencies, however GMRS can also require a permit.  CB
communications are still the most popular of licensed-free 2 way radios, however
FRS and GMRS does have their advantages.  The are a much quieter frequency,
due to much less noise, they can permeate through buidings and floors a little better,
and their frequency is such a small wavelength, so  they and their antennas can
come in much smaller portable packages.

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