Ranger 10 Meter Radios
Ranger USA 10 Meter Radio Line:

Ranger USA set a new standard, when they launched their RCI 2950 10 meter radio transceivers.  
Prior to the RCI-2950, we had the HR-2510 and President Lincoln 10 meter mobiles.  The Ranger
RCI-2950 not only kept up with them, but exceeded them in performance, frequency coverage, and

Currently, Ranger 10 Meter Radios have grown to a larger assortment of quality transceivers, each with
their own perks and design layout.  Below are the currently available Ranger 10 meter models that we
offer for sale at Peanuts CB Shop.

RCI-3900 HP 25 watt High Performance AM-FM-SSB-CW mobile

RCI-2950 DX 25 Watt Mobile (10/12 meter) AM/FM,CB/SSB

RCI 2995 DX 150 watt Base Station (10/12 meter) Version with AM/FM,CB/SSB

RCI-2970 N2 150 Watt Mobile (10/12 meter) Version with AM/FM,CB/SSB

RCI-63FFC1 100 Watt AM/FM/CW Version

RCI-69FFC2 200 Watt AM/FM/CW/SSB Version

RCI-63FFC4 400 Watt AM/FM/CW/ Version




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Ranger 10 Meter Radios
Ranger 10 Meter Radios