Two-Way Radios
Two-Way Radios
There is many blends and varieties of Two-Way Radios which include
GMRS, FRS, MURS, Business Radios, Government, and Professional

Two Way Radios fall into non-licensed and licensed categories.  GMRS,
FRS, and MURS and of course CB Radios are the most common of
licensed free 2 way radios.

GMRS and FRS and very portable and affordable handheld radios,
however don't underestimate their capabilities.  GMRS and FRS Two
Way Radios operate on a UHF Band the simply requires smaller
antennas and often smaller design characteristics.  There is also less
noise on UHF Frequencies, so often less transmit can be heard over
long distances because of such by high gain receivers.  Another benefit,
is their versatility.  UHF frequencies perform better often in urban areas,
as they smaller frequency wavelengths are small enough to permeate
through buildings, and any gaps between steel beams, windows,
crevices..  So transmitting thru different floors is also a strong point with
UHF Two Way Radios.

A step up from GMRS and FRS Handheld UHF Two Way Radios is the
professional and business class of radios.  Business radios if not
operating over MURS, GMRS, and/or FRS channels, will most likely
require a FCC license however.

Icom America and Motorola make popular professional class radios.  
Motorola Two Way Radios have been the industry standard for yours.  
The Motorola Maxtrac is one such popular series.

VHF and UHF Business Bands are most popular, however many
business also operate on GMRS and MURS frequencies, however they
do not have exclusive or private communications on these channels.

For longer distances and durability, not to mention dedicated/private
business communications, FCC Licensed Two-Way Radios and
frequencies are recommended.

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