Uniden CB Radios
Uniden CB Radios
Uniden PC 68 CB Radios
Uniden President Grant
Below are just some of the Uniden CB Radios that we carry.  A little bit about Uniden.  Uniden also took
over some of the famous old President line, including the Uniden President Grant, Adam, Washington,
and Madison.  Although most of these President radios are no longer made, we often still carry them as
part of our "used" CB Radio inventory.  The Uniden President line will always continue to be great
radios and a legacy.  The Uniden President Grant is still made today (although with some
improvements).  The Grant has been made and sold for years, and will most likely continue to do so
due to their popularity of being a good ol' solid AM and SSB Mobile Radio.  

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for a
President Washington, Adam, or Madison.

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Uniden President Grant AM/SSB Mobile
Uniden PC 78 CB Radios
Uniden Pro 520 xl
Most Advanced Uniden Models:                                       Affordable + Compact Uniden Radios:
Uniden Pro 510 XL Ultra Compact
Uniden 520 XL Compact Radio
Uniden Pro 510
Uniden 538 W  Small  Radio
Uniden PRO538