Uniden President Grant XL CB Radio
Uniden President Grant XL
The Uniden President Grant XL AM/SSB mobile radio is an awesome AM/SSB CB
Radio.  There is only a few CB Shops where you can still buy the radio, as it has
recently been discontinued, and is hard to find today.  There is only a few places that
still sale them.

Where you can find Uniden and President Radios:

Newer Uniden Grant XL Model Version         The Older President Grant Black Version

The Uniden President Grant XL mobile is probably the last to be made of the President
line and at this time Uniden doesn't have a SSB radio replacement.  Probably the only
AM and SSB Mobile CB Radio that is comparable in features and is still made is the
Cobra 148 GTL.  It is sad to see the Grant XL model to phase out of production by
Uniden, as it was to see the President Washington, Madison, and Lincoln models.

There is many CB Radio Mods such as Expo kits, channel expansions, tune-up, echo,
and related found on the net.  

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Uniden President Grant
President Grant Radio