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We have a "large" inventory of used radios, amplifiers, and affiliated radio related equipment!
Used CB Radios including all the classics such as Cobra 2000 GTL, Dak Mark X, and the GE Superbase.  Other popular used CB
Radio is the Browning Golden Eagles.

Below Are More Sources Related to New or Used CB Radios:
Used/Demo CB Radio List
Used and Refurbished CB Radios can be a way to find
very affordable and cheap radios, antennas, and more
that almost anyone can afford..  Some of the really
cheap models may be the older 23 channel CB
Radios.  Results may also include used CB
Microphones, Amplifiers, Antennas, and Test
Equipment.  Refurbished CB Radios are those that
initially had a found defect, but the defect was repaired
and returned for sale.
Save money with Demo and Used CB Radios
and similar.  Or perhaps looking for a classic or
legendary radio as a collectors item.  Some of
the greats were the Uniden President on the
used market.

Used CB Radio gear often does not come with a
warranty, so it's best to purchase from a
reputable CB dealer that you feel comfortable

The D104 used microphone is probably one of
the loudest and quality microphones found
today for CB Radios..  Currently, they are no
longer made, but are still available on the used
and demo market.

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