Cobra 29 CB Radios
Cobra 29 CB Radios        
The Cobra 29 CB Radio Series can be overwhelming and confusing, as
there is so many different models available in this line.. This page is used
to breakdown the various units to help locate which is most ideal for you.

The variations from the original Cobra 29 series includes the 29 GTL,
LTD, LTD Classic, Soundtracker, NW (or Night Watch), WX (Weather band
added), 29 WX NX (both weather and nigth watch), LTD CHR (for Chrome
Limited Special Edition), and believe it now, Cobra has added "another" 29
model to their successful series, known as the Cobra 29 BT (for Blue
Tooth).  The Sound Tracker was an impressive new dsp audio technology
for CB Radios added by Cobra, but didn't seem to a star hitter as their
classics.  The 29 LTD Bluetooth model allows you to use your Cell Phone
Blue Tooth technology via a CB Radio..  Very interesting indeed, most
likely to be a winner for the truck driver community.

Pick the model below you are most interested in:

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