Magnum s45 Radio
Magnum s45 Radio
The Magnum S45 has become a very popular radio.  Below are all the features and specs.  To find
out our current specials, contact us by phone or e-mail to find out current online Magnum S45 radio

The Magnum S45 benefits from high modulation technologies such as TX audio compression and a
very linear modulator circuit.  This radio is made by RF Limited.  Its manufacturer specs are as

· Microprocessor Controlled Transceiver
· 28.000 to 29.699 MHz Frequency Range
· 50 Watts RF Output Power
· Uses Two 2SC1969 Final Transistors!
· Variable Power Output - In All Modes
· NEW! - TOP GUN Modulator Feature - 50 Watts of Swing with 1 Watt Carrier on AM!
· NEW! - TOP GUN Compressor Feature - Tailors and shapes the audio signal for maximum punch
through heavy traffic
· AM / FM / USB / LSB / PA Modes
· 1 kHz / 10 kHz / 100 kHz Steps
· 5 Digit Frequency Display
· ECM Microphone with Up and Down Frequency Controls
· 5 Memory Channels - Saves Both Frequency and Mode
· Back Lit Display with Dimmer
· Dual S/RF Meters - Analog and Digital!
· RF Gain and Microphone Gain Controls
· SWR / Calibrate Meter and Controls
· 1 kHz Clarifier - Both TX and RX
· Noise Blanker and Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL)
· 2 Frequency Scan Modes - Squelched and Un-Squelched
· Last Channel Recall - Returns Last Operated Freq. & Mode
· Split Frequency Offset for Repeater Use
· Receive Audio Tone Control
· TURBO Digital Echo - A Magnum Exclusive!
· AMT - All Mode Talk-Back with Volume Control
· Roger Beep with On/Off Control
· MARS / CAP Compatible (Permits Required)
· 1 Year Warranty
· Extended Service Contracts Available

Magnum OmegaForce S45 info and pictures

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